Egg Rate in Ahmedabad market today [ 2023 ]

Overview of Today’s Egg Rate in Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, the egg rate is 5.55 today compared to 5.55 yesterday (July 4, 2023). The egg rate for July 3, 2023, and July 2, 2023, are both 5.55. In Ahmedabad, eggs cost 5.55 on July 1, 2023, 5.55 on June 30, 2023, 5.52 on June 29, 2023, and 5.5 on June 30, 2023.

Egg Price in Ahmedabad

05-Jul-2023555₹ 5.55₹ 555₹ 66.6
04-Jul-2023555₹ 5.55₹ 555₹ 66.6
03-Jul-2023555₹ 5.55₹ 555₹ 66.6
02-Jul-2023555₹ 5.55₹ 555₹ 66.6
01-Jul-2023555₹ 5.55₹ 555₹ 66.6
30-Jun-2023555₹ 5.55₹ 555₹ 66.6
29-Jun-2023552₹ 5.52₹ 552₹ 66.24
28-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
27-Jun-2023547₹ 5.47₹ 547₹ 65.64
26-Jun-2023547₹ 5.47₹ 547₹ 65.64
25-Jun-2023547₹ 5.47₹ 547₹ 65.64
24-Jun-2023544₹ 5.44₹ 544₹ 65.28
23-Jun-2023540₹ 5.4₹ 540₹ 64.8
22-Jun-2023540₹ 5.4₹ 540₹ 64.8
21-Jun-2023540₹ 5.4₹ 540₹ 64.8
20-Jun-2023537₹ 5.37₹ 537₹ 64.44
19-Jun-2023535₹ 5.35₹ 535₹ 64.2
18-Jun-2023530₹ 5.3₹ 530₹ 63.6
17-Jun-2023525₹ 5.25₹ 525₹ 63
16-Jun-2023520₹ 5.2₹ 520₹ 62.4
15-Jun-2023520₹ 5.2₹ 520₹ 62.4

Ahmedabad daily egg Price


Egg Historical price trend in Ahmedabad

1-Jun-23510₹ 5.1₹ 153
1-May-23440₹ 4.4₹ 132
1-Apr-23450₹ 4.5₹ 135
1-Mar-23440₹ 4.4₹ 132
1-Feb-23475₹ 4.75₹ 142.5
1-Jan-23573₹ 5.73₹ 171.9
1-Dec-22565₹ 5.65₹ 169.5
1-Nov-22538₹ 5.38₹ 161.4
1-Oct-22462₹ 4.62₹ 138.6
1-Sep-22440₹ 4.4₹ 132
1-Aug-22410₹ 4.1₹ 153
1-Jul-22552₹ 5.52₹ 165.6

What is the price of an egg in Ahmedabad?

Keep in mind that egg prices can vary from one place to the next, across states and even districts.Prices in Ahmedabad can vary from Egg Mandi, Whole Sale, or Whole Sale to Retail Shops.Manufacturers and the National Egg Corporation (NECC), set the egg rate based on egg market demand, stock, and inflow.

Eggs are an economical, versatile source of protein enjoyed around the globe. Their versatility allows for them to be included in nearly every dish or prepared differently; their price can fluctuate based on various factors so it is vitally important that we understand which factors influence egg costs in the Ahmedabad market.

There is no fixed price for eggs in Ahmedabad or across the entire state.Prices may vary between retail shops and supermarkets depending on where they are located, their availability, and other factors.

Factors Affecting Egg Prices in the Ahmedabad Market

There are various factors that affect egg prices in the Ahmedabad market, and understanding them will allow you to make informed decisions when purchasing eggs.

Seasonal Variations

Prices of eggs vary throughout the year according to supply and demand, seasons, and other factors.

In general, egg production in winter is lower due to shorter daylight hours.The egg market is therefore very high, resulting in a rise in price.

In contrast, prices can be reasonable in late spring and early Summer due to the warmer weather and longer daylight hours that encourage egg production.

Supply and Demand

One of the key principles of economics that has an effect on egg prices in the Ahmedabad market is supply and demand. When there are abundant supplies of eggs compared with low demand, their price decreases whereas when demand for them exceeds supply they increase dramatically in price.

Production Costs

The costs associated with producing eggs can also have an effect on their pricing in the Ahmedabad market. Factors that impact production include feed, labor, and equipment expenses – increasing these could cause egg prices to also increase accordingly.

Transportation and Storage Costs

Transportation and storage costs have an effect on egg prices at the Ahmedabad market. Eggs need to be transported from farms to markets for sale, which increases costs. Furthermore, storage fees could potentially drive up egg costs even further.

Tips for Buying Eggs at the Ahmedabad Market

When purchasing eggs at the Ahmedabad market, several key points should be remembered to get maximum value from your money.

Before heading to the market, it’s wise to do your research on egg prices in the Ahmedabad market and assess whether the price quoted to you is fair or not. Doing this research will allow you to identify whether any offers made are unfair.

Check Quality

When purchasing eggs, it’s essential to inspect them for quality. Aim for eggs with smooth, uncracked shells free from dirt or stains – and also check the sell-by date so you know you are purchasing fresh products.

Compare Prices

Comparison shopping between vendors is an effective way to secure the best possible egg deal. Take the time to visit several vendors and compare both price and quality.


Egg prices in the Ahmedabad market vary due to seasonal changes, supply, and demand fluctuations, production costs, transportation and storage expenses, and storage fees. By understanding these factors and following our tips for buying eggs in the Ahmedabad market, we hope that you are getting the best value for your money – it is essential to do research, compare prices and do a quality inspection to get a great deal! By doing this you can take full advantage of nutritional benefits without breaking your budget.


As we all know, there are no taxes on egg production or sale in India, so all varieties of eggs are exempt from GST.”We provide daily rates for egg production and selling in various states across India, including Ahmedabad, Bihar, Chittoor, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Barwala, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Nagpur, Baharampur, Ajmer, Brahmapur Chhatrapur, Pune, Surat, Allahabad, Namakkal, Muzaffarpur, Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow, Karnataka, Visakhapatnam, Raipur, Varanasi, Hospet Ballari, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, Warangal, Odisha, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Tamil-Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Chennai, Mysuru, W-Godavari, E-Godavari, and Indore.

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What are the Average Egg Prices in Ahmedabad Markets?

Egg prices in the Ahmedabad Market can differ significantly based on various factors that will be discussed herein, so it is wise to do your research and compare prices prior to making a purchase decision.

What are the best methods for checking egg quality?

To effectively evaluate egg quality, look for eggs with smooth, uncracked shells free from dirt or stains as well as their sell-by date to make sure that you purchase fresh products.

How can I ensure that I’m receiving the best value for my money when purchasing eggs?

In order to ensure you are receiving maximum value from your purchase of eggs, it is vital that you compare prices, research quality products and do your homework before making your selections.

Are organic eggs more expensive than conventional?

Organic eggs may cost more than their conventional counterparts; however, their price can depend on various factors.