Egg Rate in Ajmer market today [2023]

The egg rate in Ajmer is 4.87 today compared to 4.9 yesterday (July 4, 2023). Similar to this, the egg rate on July 3, 2023, is 4.9 and on July 2, 2023, it is 4.92. On July 1 and June 30, 2023, as well as June 29 and June 30, 2023, the price of eggs in Ajmer was 4.92 and 4.92, respectively.

Egg Price in Ajmer

05-Jul-2023487₹ 4.87₹ 487₹ 58.44
04-Jul-2023490₹ 4.9₹ 490₹ 58.8
03-Jul-2023490₹ 4.9₹ 490₹ 58.8
02-Jul-2023492₹ 4.92₹ 492₹ 59.04
01-Jul-2023492₹ 4.92₹ 492₹ 59.04
30-Jun-2023492₹ 4.92₹ 492₹ 59.04
29-Jun-2023492₹ 4.92₹ 492₹ 59.04
28-Jun-2023487₹ 4.87₹ 487₹ 58.44
27-Jun-2023480₹ 4.8₹ 480₹ 57.6
26-Jun-2023475₹ 4.75₹ 475₹ 57
25-Jun-2023470₹ 4.7₹ 470₹ 56.4
24-Jun-2023470₹ 4.7₹ 470₹ 56.4
23-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
22-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
21-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
20-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
19-Jun-2023465₹ 4.65₹ 465₹ 55.8
18-Jun-2023465₹ 4.65₹ 465₹ 55.8
17-Jun-2023465₹ 4.65₹ 465₹ 55.8
16-Jun-2023463₹ 4.63₹ 463₹ 55.56
15-Jun-2023460₹ 4.6₹ 460₹ 55.2

Ajmer daily egg Price


Egg Historical price trend in Ajmer

1-Jun-23472₹ 4.72₹ 141.6
1-May-23410₹ 4.1₹ 123
1-Apr-23410₹ 4.1₹ 123
1-Mar-23400₹ 4₹ 120
1-Feb-23445₹ 4.45₹ 133.5
1-Jan-23551₹ 5.51₹ 165.3
1-Dec-22530₹ 5.3₹ 159
1-Nov-22507₹ 5.07₹ 152.1
1-Oct-22423₹ 4.23₹ 126.9
1-Sep-22412₹ 4.12₹ 123.6
1-Aug-22371₹ 3.71₹ 141.6
1-Jul-22505₹ 5.05₹ 151.5

What is the egg price in Ajmer?

Note that Egg Prices can vary slightly from one area to the next in different states and districts.Egg Mandi, Whole Sale, and Whole Sale may differ from one place to another.NECC (National Egg Corporation) sets the egg rate. Manufacturers base their eggs on the demand, stock, and inflow from the egg market.There is no set price for eggs in Ajmer and the districts it covers.Important to note that prices can vary between Supermarkets and Shopping Malls depending on their geolocation, availability, etc.

Ajmer Market Overview

Located in Rajasthan, Ajmer is home to an expansive poultry industry. Home to numerous poultry farms that produce millions of eggs daily for retail sale across Ajmer. These eggs then end up at retail outlets throughout Ajmer where they are eventually consumed by members of the general public. Ajmer’s egg market is highly competitive, with multiple players jostling for market share. Prices of eggs in Ajmer can be affected by various factors including demand and supply dynamics, seasonality considerations, and quality issues of each egg variety available on sale.

Egg Production and Consumption in Ajmer

Ajmer is home to numerous poultry farms which produce millions of eggs daily and supply them to various retail outlets around the city for sale to consumers. Egg consumption in Ajmer is widespread, with people enjoying eggs in various forms including boiled, scrambled, and fried forms. Eggs also play an integral part in many popular local dishes.

Impact on Public

Egg prices in Ajmer have an enormous effect on the public and particularly low-income households, particularly as prices for eggs increase and it becomes harder for these households to afford an essential source of protein in their diets.

Government Regulation

Ajmer’s government plays an essential role in overseeing its egg market. They set quality standards that must be met by producers, as well as regulate pricing practices to ensure fair and reasonable market conditions for egg production.


In Ajmer, the egg market is highly competitive with many players competing to take a share of it. Egg prices can vary based on demand-supply imbalance, seasonality, and quality factors; egg consumption among Ajmer residents is also high and people use eggs in various forms; the government plays an essential role in overseeing Ajmer’s egg market to ensure prices are fair and reasonable. Ongoing expectations indicate that egg demand in Ajmer will continue to increase as awareness grows of its vital role in maintaining a healthy diet. Furthermore, the government is expected to remain actively involved in overseeing the egg market so prices remain fair and reasonable for all consumers. Note: As we all know, there are no taxes on egg production or sale in India, so all varieties of eggs are exempt from GST.”We provide daily rates for egg production and selling in various states across India, including Ahmedabad, Bihar, Chittoor, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Barwala, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Nagpur, Baharampur, Ajmer, Brahmapur Chhatrapur, Pune, Surat, Allahabad, Namakkal, Muzaffarpur, Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow, Karnataka, Visakhapatnam, Raipur, Varanasi, Hospet Ballari, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, Warangal, Odisha, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Tamil-Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Chennai, Mysuru, W-Godavari, E-Godavari, and Indore.” Read more about the egg rate in Brahmapur Chhatrapur


Does the price of eggs in Ajmer market influence other food items’ costs?

Yes, the price of eggs can have an indirect effect on other food items; since they’re such a common component of many dishes. An increase in egg prices could increase costs for baked goods and breakfast foods that use eggs as primary components, including croissants.

How can businesses relying on eggs as an ingredient to manage fluctuations in egg prices?

Businesses reliant on eggs as an ingredient can mitigate price fluctuations using strategies like hedging or forward contracts to lock in prices for future purchases. They could also try other ingredients or recipes not dependent on eggs to manage fluctuation as well as adjust product pricing accordingly.

What is the Future Outlook of Egg Prices in Ajmer Market?

Egg prices in Ajmer can depend on many factors, including production levels, demand from consumers and businesses alike, government policies, and production levels. Although it is impossible to accurately predict future prices with certainty, staying informed about industry developments may enable businesses and consumers to make more informed decisions when making future purchases or decisions regarding investments or consumption decisions.