Egg Rate in Delhi market [ Today 2023 ]

Overview of the current egg rate Delhi market

The egg rate in Delhi is 4.95 today as compared to 4.95 yesterday (July 4, 2023). The egg rate is 4.95 on July 3 and 4.93 on July 2, 2023, respectively. Delhi’s egg prices for July 1 and June 30 are 4.93 and 4.89, respectively. For June 29 and June 30, the price of eggs is also 4.89.

Egg Price in Delhi

05-Jul-2023495₹ 4.95₹ 495₹ 59.4
04-Jul-2023495₹ 4.95₹ 495₹ 59.4
03-Jul-2023495₹ 4.95₹ 495₹ 59.4
02-Jul-2023493₹ 4.93₹ 493₹ 59.16
01-Jul-2023493₹ 4.93₹ 493₹ 59.16
30-Jun-2023489₹ 4.89₹ 489₹ 58.68
29-Jun-2023489₹ 4.89₹ 489₹ 58.68
28-Jun-2023489₹ 4.89₹ 489₹ 58.68
27-Jun-2023489₹ 4.89₹ 489₹ 58.68
26-Jun-2023489₹ 4.89₹ 489₹ 58.68
25-Jun-2023489₹ 4.89₹ 489₹ 58.68
24-Jun-2023486₹ 4.86₹ 486₹ 58.32
23-Jun-2023486₹ 4.86₹ 486₹ 58.32
22-Jun-2023486₹ 4.86₹ 486₹ 58.32
21-Jun-2023486₹ 4.86₹ 486₹ 58.32
20-Jun-2023486₹ 4.86₹ 486₹ 58.32
19-Jun-2023486₹ 4.86₹ 486₹ 58.32
18-Jun-2023486₹ 4.86₹ 486₹ 58.32
17-Jun-2023484₹ 4.84₹ 484₹ 58.08
16-Jun-2023475₹ 4.75₹ 475₹ 57
15-Jun-2023468₹ 4.68₹ 468₹ 56.16

Delhi daily egg Price


Egg Historical price trend in Delhi

1-Jun-23492₹ 4.92₹ 147.6
1-May-23431₹ 4.31₹ 129.3
1-Apr-23422₹ 4.22₹ 126.6
1-Mar-23418₹ 4.18₹ 125.4
1-Feb-23448₹ 4.48₹ 134.4
1-Jan-23569₹ 5.69₹ 170.7
1-Dec-22575₹ 5.75₹ 172.5
1-Nov-22529₹ 5.29₹ 158.7
1-Oct-22444₹ 4.44₹ 133.2
1-Sep-22410₹ 4.1₹ 123
1-Aug-22383₹ 3.83₹ 147.6
1-Jul-22546₹ 5.46₹ 163.8

What is the egg price in Delhi?

Note that Egg Prices vary slightly from one area to another in different states and districts.You may also see Egg Mandi, Whole Sale, and Whole Sale in Delhi.The Delhi Egg Rate is set by NECC (National Egg Corporation) and manufacturers based on the egg market’s stock, inflow, and demand.There is no set price for Delhi’s egg rates.Important to note that prices can vary between Supermarkets and Shopping Malls depending on where they are located, their availability, etc.

Factors Affecting Eggs Prices In Delhi

Eggs are an integral component of many households, and their fluctuating prices can have a devastating impact on consumers’ purchasing power. Unexpected price changes could cause financial hardship and prompt households to search for alternative protein sources.

Egg prices fluctuate frequently and various factors play a part in these variations. Some of the primary influences include:

Supply and Demand: As with any commodity, egg prices are determined by supply and demand factors. When demand surges significantly, prices typically increase while when it decreases substantially, they often decline.

Production Costs: When production costs increase, egg prices also tend to go up.

Seasonal Variations: Egg prices can fluctuate seasonally and during special events when demand for them increases, prices may go up further.

Fluctuating Egg Prices on Consumers

Fluctuating egg prices have the power to significantly erode consumers’ purchasing power, especially those on tight budgets. High egg prices may cause consumers to seek alternative protein sources which compromise nutritional intake; during special events and festivals when demand spikes further egg prices could skyrocket and further impact consumers’ budgets.

Eggs fallen price considerably, provide consumers with affordable protein sources and helping them stretch their budgets further. Consumers can minimize any impact from fluctuating egg prices by adopting smart purchasing practices

Strategies for Saving Money

Here are a few strategies that can help consumers save money while buying eggs:

  • Purchase in Bulk – When purchasing eggs in bulk, consumers can save money long-term by purchasing several dozen or so and keeping them stored in their fridge until use.
  • Purchase from local vendors – Eggs may be available from local vendors at more affordable rates compared to supermarkets or branded stores, though it is essential that quality eggs are purchased first before completing any transactions.
  • Search for discounts and offers – Grocery stores may provide discounts and special offers on egg purchases to help consumers save money.
  • Choose the Right Size and Quality – Eggs come in various sizes and qualities, with prices to match. Consumers can select one according to their preferences and budget.


Egg prices in Delhi’s market fluctuate frequently due to various factors, making it challenging for consumers to budget their expenses. By understanding the factors affecting egg prices and adopting smart purchasing practices, consumers can save money and limit any negative repercussions from fluctuating egg prices. By making informed decisions they can ensure balanced nutrition without impacting their financial stability.

Note: As we all know, there are no taxes on egg production or sale in India, so all varieties of eggs are exempt from GST.”We provide daily rates for egg production and selling in various states across India, including Ahmedabad, Bihar, Chittoor, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Barwala, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Nagpur, Baharampur, Ajmer, Brahmapur Chhatrapur, Pune, Surat, Allahabad, Namakkal, Muzaffarpur, Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow, Karnataka, Visakhapatnam, Raipur, Varanasi, Hospet Ballari, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, Warangal, Odisha, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Tamil-Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Chennai, Mysuru, W-Godavari, E-Godavari, and Indore.Read more about the egg rate in Bhopal


Can Eggs Serve as My Primary Source of Protein?

While eggs provide an excellent source of protein, for optimal health it is necessary to consume a varied and well-rounded diet with legumes, meat, and dairy products providing additional forms of nutrition.

How can consumers save money when purchasing eggs?

Consumers can reduce costs when purchasing eggs by purchasing bulk amounts, using local vendors when possible and looking out for discounts and special offers, selecting the appropriate size and quality eggs, and selecting those with more frequent hatch dates.