Egg Rate in Kolkata market today

An Overview of Egg Rate in Kolkata Today

Today’s egg rate in Kolkata is 5.65 compared to yesterday’s egg rate of 5.7 (02-Jul-2023). Similarly, the egg rate on July 1st, 2023 is 5.8, and on June 30th, 2023, it is 6. In Kolkata, eggs cost 6 on June 29 and 5.6 on June 28. On June 27 and June 28, eggs cost 6 and 5.5, respectively.

Egg Price in Kolkata

03-Jul-2023565₹ 5.65₹ 565₹ 67.8
02-Jul-2023570₹ 5.7₹ 570₹ 68.4
01-Jul-2023580₹ 5.8₹ 580₹ 69.6
30-Jun-2023600₹ 6₹ 600₹ 72
29-Jun-2023600₹ 6₹ 600₹ 72
28-Jun-2023560₹ 5.6₹ 560₹ 67.2
27-Jun-2023600₹ 6₹ 600₹ 72
26-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
25-Jun-2023600₹ 6₹ 600₹ 72
24-Jun-2023600₹ 6₹ 600₹ 72
23-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
22-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
21-Jun-2023545₹ 5.45₹ 545₹ 65.4
20-Jun-2023572₹ 5.72₹ 572₹ 68.64
19-Jun-2023552₹ 5.52₹ 552₹ 66.24
18-Jun-2023552₹ 5.52₹ 552₹ 66.24
17-Jun-2023552₹ 5.52₹ 552₹ 66.24
16-Jun-2023552₹ 5.52₹ 552₹ 66.24
15-Jun-2023532₹ 5.32₹ 532₹ 63.84
14-Jun-2023532₹ 5.32₹ 532₹ 63.84
13-Jun-2023530₹ 5.3₹ 530₹ 63.6

Kolkata daily egg Price


Egg Historical price trend in Kolkata

1-Jun-23580₹ 5.8₹ 174
1-May-23475₹ 4.75₹ 142.5
1-Apr-23550₹ 5.5₹ 165
1-Mar-23470₹ 4.7₹ 141
1-Feb-23505₹ 5.05₹ 151.5
1-Jan-23560₹ 5.6₹ 168
1-Dec-22585₹ 5.85₹ 175.5
1-Nov-22575₹ 5.75₹ 172.5
1-Oct-22497₹ 4.97₹ 149.1
1-Sep-22481₹ 4.81₹ 144.3
1-Aug-22450₹ 4.5₹ 174
1-Jul-22590₹ 5.9₹ 177

What is Egg Price In Kolkata?

It’s worth noting that the egg price in Kolkata may vary marginally from one place to another, depending on the state and district. It could also differ between Egg Mandi to Wholesale, and Wholesale to Retail shops in Kolkata. The NECC (National Egg Corporation) and manufacturers fix the egg rate based on the stock, inflow, and demand from the egg market. As a result, there is no fixed price for eggs across the state and districts in Kolkata. The price difference could also vary between Shopping malls/Supermarkets and retail shops, based on the state, geolocation, availability, etc.

Kolkata Market overview

Kolkata, also known as the cultural capital of India, is an expansive metropolitan with over 14 million people residing within its boundaries. Kolkata’s economy relies heavily on various industries – one being egg production. Kolkata boasts an extensive egg market where numerous players specialize in egg production, distribution, and marketing activities.

Egg Industry Challenges in Kolkata

Kolkata’s egg industry continues to experience rapid expansion, yet industry players face several hurdles and difficulties. One key difficulty lies with rising production costs: feed prices, labor expenses, and transportation fees are constantly on the increase, making it hard for small-scale egg farmers to sustain their businesses. Furthermore, high incidences of avian diseases like bird flu present significant threats to business operators in this sector.

Egg Production Technologies in Kolkata

With demand for eggs growing steadily in Kolkata, egg producers have turned to cutting-edge production technologies in order to keep up with production needs. These include modern poultry housing systems, automated feeding and watering systems, and sophisticated egg grading and sorting machines; these advanced production methods have significantly enhanced efficiency, enabling large-scale egg production at reduced costs.
India is one of the top egg producers worldwide, and Kolkata plays a critical role in that regard. Due to its immense production capacity and lower production costs, Kolkata may have the ability to export eggs overseas; however, due to high transportation and production costs as well as stringent quality control requirements necessary for export sales, this remains an ambitious prospect.

Egg Consumption Patterns in Kolkata

Eggs are an increasingly popular source of protein consumption in Kolkata and can be enjoyed boiled, fried or in curries. Urban areas consume eggs more frequently than rural ones with Kolkata being one of the major consumers. As awareness about health benefits rises alongside rising income levels among the general public, so too has egg consumption increased significantly over recent years.

Egg Grading and Sorting Techniques in Kolkata

Kolkata has adopted several advanced egg grading and sorting techniques in order to ensure the quality and safety of eggs produced in its industry. These procedures use machines that sort eggs based on size, shape, and weight before being graded according to industry-set quality standards – using such methods has helped maintain consistent quality while minimizing contamination risk.

Kolkata Egg Industry Labor Laws

The egg industry employs thousands of workers in Kolkata, from small-scale farmers to large-scale egg producers. To protect the rights of these employees, government legislation has introduced several labor laws which regulate working conditions, wages, and safety issues related to egg industry work.

Egg Industry Trends in Kolkata

Kolkata’s egg industry is continually evolving, and several trends are shaping its future. One trend that’s been driving growth in this space is the rising popularity of organic and free-range eggs; consumers increasingly recognize their health benefits and are willing to pay premium prices for them. Another emerging trend involves adopting cutting-edge technologies like IoT-enabled sensors and big data analytics into production lines – both are driving positive change.

Technological Innovation in Egg Production in Kolkata

Technology plays a pivotal role in egg production in Kolkata. By adopting modern production techniques, farmers are better able to monitor and optimize various aspects of production, including feed intake, egg production, and quality control. Furthermore, technology has allowed industries like egg farming in Kolkata to adopt more eco-friendly practices like using solar-powered egg incubators or waste management systems.

Climate Change Affecting Egg Production in Kolkata

Climate change poses an ongoing threat to egg production in Kolkata. Extreme weather events, like floods and droughts, can wreak havoc with supply chains and lead to crop failures that increase feed costs and production costs; changes in temperature and humidity levels also impact production quality – both risks that must be managed with climate-resilient practices and technologies by industry members in order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Egg Market Competition in Kolkata

Kolkata’s egg market is fiercely competitive, with multiple players involved in production and distribution. Large-scale egg producers tend to have an edge due to economies of scale; however, smaller farmers can stay competitive by targeting niche markets like organic or free-range eggs; in addition, employing cutting-edge technologies can help these smaller players increase efficiency while cutting costs.


The egg industry in Kolkata is an integral component of its economy, offering employment opportunities and providing affordable protein sources to residents. Although faced with challenges from time to time, the adoption of advanced technologies and sustainable practices provides opportunities for expansion. With continued investment and innovation efforts underway in this industry, Kolkata can maintain its egg sector’s longevity while contributing to its prosperity.

Note: As we all know, there are no taxes on egg production or sale in India, so all varieties of eggs are exempt from GST.”We provide daily rates for egg production and selling in various states across India, including Ahmedabad, Bihar, Chittoor, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Barwala, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Nagpur, Baharampur, Ajmer, Brahmapur Chhatrapur, Pune, Surat, Allahabad, Namakkal, Muzaffarpur, Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow, Karnataka, Visakhapatnam, Raipur, Varanasi, Hospet Ballari, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, Warangal, Odisha, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Tamil-Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Chennai, Mysuru, W-Godavari, E-Godavari, and Indore.

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Are egg prices expected to decrease in Kolkata in the future?

Due to various influences, it can be difficult to anticipate future trends for egg rates in Kolkata. However, technological advancements could potentially bring down costs associated with production and transportation which may lead to lower egg rates in future years.

Which egg grading standards are commonly employed in Kolkata?

Kolkata egg industry employs several egg grading standards, such as the Haugh unit grading system, USDA Grading system, and European Union Grading system to classify eggs according to size, weight, shell quality, and yolk color. These systems take into account various aspects such as size, weight, and shell quality.

What career opportunities exist within the egg industry in Kolkata?

Kolkata’s egg industry offers many exciting job opportunities in egg production, processing, distribution, marketing, and research – such as farmers, sorters, packers, marketing executives, and quality control officers.