Egg Rate in Ludhiana market today

Today’s egg rate in Ludhiana is 4.72 compared to yesterday’s egg rate of 4.72, which was also observed on July 4, 2023. Likewise, the egg price in Ludhiana on July 1, 2023, was 4.69, while the egg price on June 30, 2023, was 4.67. On June 29, 2023, the egg price was 4.67, and on June 30, 2023, the egg rate was 4.67.

Egg Price in Ludhiana

05-Jul-2023472₹ 4.72₹ 472₹ 56.64
04-Jul-2023472₹ 4.72₹ 472₹ 56.64
03-Jul-2023472₹ 4.72₹ 472₹ 56.64
02-Jul-2023472₹ 4.72₹ 472₹ 56.64
01-Jul-2023469₹ 4.69₹ 469₹ 56.28
30-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
29-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
28-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
27-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
26-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
25-Jun-2023467₹ 4.67₹ 467₹ 56.04
24-Jun-2023460₹ 4.6₹ 460₹ 55.2
23-Jun-2023460₹ 4.6₹ 460₹ 55.2
22-Jun-2023460₹ 4.6₹ 460₹ 55.2
21-Jun-2023460₹ 4.6₹ 460₹ 55.2
20-Jun-2023458₹ 4.58₹ 458₹ 54.96
19-Jun-2023458₹ 4.58₹ 458₹ 54.96
18-Jun-2023458₹ 4.58₹ 458₹ 54.96
17-Jun-2023457₹ 4.57₹ 457₹ 54.84
16-Jun-2023450₹ 4.5₹ 450₹ 54
15-Jun-2023448₹ 4.48₹ 448₹ 53.76

Ludhiana daily egg Price


Egg Historical price trend in Ludhiana

01 Jun 23468₹ 4.68₹ 140.4
01 May 23400₹ 4₹ 120
01 Apr 23408₹ 4.08₹ 122.4
01 Mar 23395₹ 3.95₹ 118.5
01 Feb 23426₹ 4.26₹ 127.8
01 Jan 23543₹ 5.43₹ 162.9
01 Dec 22533₹ 5.33₹ 159.9
01 Nov 22504₹ 5.04₹ 151.2
01 Oct 22422₹ 4.22₹ 126.6
01 Sep 22393₹ 3.93₹ 117.9
01 Aug 22362₹ 3.62₹ 140.4
01 Jul 22518₹ 5.18₹ 155.4

What is the egg price in Ludhiana?

Note that Egg Prices vary slightly from one area to another in different states and districts.You may also see Egg Mandi, Whole Sale, and Whole Sale at Retail Shops in Ludhiana.NECC (National Egg Corporation) sets the egg rate. Manufacturers base their eggs on the demand, stock, and inflow from the egg market.There is no set price for eggs in Ludhiana and the districts.Important to note that prices can vary between Supermarkets and Shopping Malls depending on their geo-location, availability, and other factors.

Overview of Market Conditions

Ludhiana’s egg market is highly competitive, featuring many local vendors, big retailers, and online stores competing for customer attention. Consumers consistently seek affordable yet quality eggs. Recently, Ludhiana’s supply chain for eggs has improved, leading to greater availability and sales growth. Furthermore, government initiatives designed to boost egg production (e.g. subsidies for farmers or improved farming practices) have all helped drive up demand further and drive up revenues within this niche market. All these factors have helped fuel its expansion.

Changes to Market Structure

Ludhiana’s egg market structure has undergone dramatic change over the last decade. While previously most eggs were sold through small local shops and vendors, in recent years there has been an unprecedented shift towards online stores and large retailers that offer greater convenience and variety – many consumers now prefer buying eggs online where they can browse different brands and compare prices, leading some local shops to close or merge altogether – however local shops still retain a significant market share because they provide fresher eggs, personalized service, and often better prices than their counterparts online.

Local Shops Vs Online Stores

In Ludhiana’s egg market, the debate between local shops and online stores is an ongoing one. Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages; ultimately the decision ultimately falls on consumer preferences. Local shops tend to provide fresh eggs more quickly with personalized service from vendors who know them directly while also being cheaper due to no delivery charges; on the other hand, online stores provide greater convenience, wider selection, and often better prices, ideal for time-poor consumers who live far from local shops – ultimately both play an essential part in Ludhiana’s egg market! Both types play an essential part in Ludhiana’s egg market!

Consumer Perspectives

Ludhiana consumers are the backbone of its egg market, and their perspectives are essential in understanding its current state. Consumers in Ludhiana tend to prioritize affordability over quality, freshness, and taste when purchasing eggs from vendors or local shops; however, younger consumers value convenience and variety offered by online stores; many consumers also tend to favor organic and free-range eggs due to an increase in health awareness among buyers.

Future Predictions of Ludhiana’s egg market

Future Predictions Ludhiana’s egg market holds great promise, with continued expansion expected over time. The government is taking active steps to boost egg production through improved farming practices, subsidies, and market access for farmers; this should lead to an increase in supply which should put downward pressure on prices and technological innovations such as automated egg sorting machines making production more cost-efficient and more efficient. Furthermore, an emerging trend towards organic and free-range eggs should continue in the future.


Overall, Ludhiana’s egg market is flourishing thanks to rising demand, increased availability, and enhanced production practices. Although significant changes have taken place within market structure and consumer preferences over the years, both physical stores, as well as online stores, remain key players. With government backing and technological innovations helping keep production practices at optimal levels, its future looks bright.

What are the advantages of purchasing eggs in online stores? Online stores provide greater convenience and selection, enabling consumers to select from various brands, sizes, and types of eggs at competitive prices and discounts.

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What are some popular egg dishes in Ludhiana?

Eggs are an extremely versatile ingredient that can be used in many different meals from breakfast to dinner. Popular egg dishes in Ludhiana include omelets, egg bhurjis, curry, and fried rice dishes featuring eggs.

How can I lower the risk of salmonella infection from eggs?

To minimize your risk of salmonella infection from eggs, it’s crucial that they are handled and cooked correctly. Handling or cooking eggs must involve washing hands and surfaces that come into contact with them prior to and post handling; cook your egg until its whites and yolks are firm before consuming raw or undercooked versions.