Egg Rate in Nagpur Market Today

An Overview of Egg Rate In Nagpur Market Today

The egg rate in Nagpur is 5.18 today compared to 5.2 yesterday (July 4, 2023). Similar to this, the egg rate on July 3, 2023 is 5.25, and on July 2, 2023, it is 5.8. On July 1, 2023, the cost of an egg in Nagpur is 5.8; on June 30, 2023, it is 5.7; on June 29, 2023, it is 5.7; and on June 30, 2023, it is 5.65.

Egg Price in Nagpur

05-Jul-2023518₹ 5.18₹ 518₹ 62.16
04-Jul-2023520₹ 5.2₹ 520₹ 62.4
03-Jul-2023525₹ 5.25₹ 525₹ 63
02-Jul-2023580₹ 5.8₹ 580₹ 69.6
01-Jul-2023580₹ 5.8₹ 580₹ 69.6
30-Jun-2023570₹ 5.7₹ 570₹ 68.4
29-Jun-2023570₹ 5.7₹ 570₹ 68.4
28-Jun-2023565₹ 5.65₹ 565₹ 67.8
27-Jun-2023565₹ 5.65₹ 565₹ 67.8
26-Jun-2023565₹ 5.65₹ 565₹ 67.8
25-Jun-2023565₹ 5.65₹ 565₹ 67.8
24-Jun-2023560₹ 5.6₹ 560₹ 67.2
23-Jun-2023560₹ 5.6₹ 560₹ 67.2
22-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
21-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
20-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
19-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
18-Jun-2023550₹ 5.5₹ 550₹ 66
17-Jun-2023530₹ 5.3₹ 530₹ 63.6
16-Jun-2023525₹ 5.25₹ 525₹ 63
15-Jun-2023500₹ 5₹ 500₹ 60

Nagpur daily egg Price

Egg Historical price trend in Nagpur
1-Jul-23525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Jun-23525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-May-23525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Apr-23525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Mar-23525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Feb-23525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Jan-23525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Dec-22525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Nov-22525₹ 5.25₹ 157.5
1-Oct-22445₹ 4.45₹ 133.5
1-Sep-22400₹ 4₹ 157.5
1-Aug-22370₹ 3.7₹ 111

What is the egg price in Nagpur?

Note that Egg Prices can vary slightly from one area to the next in different states and districts.Egg Mandi, Whole Sale, and Whole Sale may differ from one place to another.NECC (National Egg Corporation) sets the egg rate. Manufacturers base their eggs on the demand, stock, and inflow from the egg market.There is no set price for eggs in Nagpur and the districts around it.Important to note that prices can vary between Supermarkets and Shopping Malls depending on their geolocation, availability, and other factors.

Assessing Market Trends and Challenges

Eggs are an affordable source of protein for many households in Nagpur, and a staple ingredient of traditional cuisine. As Nagpur continues to expand and change with regard to population and dietary habits, egg prices continue to fluctuate across its market, driving up demand further and further.

Poultry farming is an integral industry in Nagpur, with numerous farms producing eggs for both domestic and commercial consumption. Production can be affected by factors like resources available to farms, climate, seasons, monsoon season rainfall levels, and lack of sunlight needed for egg laying; distribution typically happens via wholesalers and retailers.

Egg Demand in Nagpur

Nagpur has seen consistent increases in demand for eggs due to both an expanding population and shifting consumer tastes. Egg consumption has expanded from breakfast items into dishes like lasagna, which has caused further increases in egg demand. Consumer lifestyle changes and preferences have also spurred demand for healthier organic eggs.

Price Variations: Influencers Affecting Market Rates Egg

The egg rate in Nagpur can be affected by numerous factors, including seasonal demands, competition between wholesalers and retailers, transport and storage costs, and government regulations. As demand for eggs rises during festivals and events, leading to price spikes. Wholesalers/retailers competition can lead to price variations as can transportation/storage costs determining eggs’ costs of ownership.

Obstacles in Egg Farming

Farmers in Nagpur face numerous obstacles in egg farming, such as rising costs and lower returns. Feed, electricity, and labor costs have increased while egg prices have been stable – this makes it challenging for farmers to maintain profitability and sustain their businesses. Furthermore, disease control measures and hygiene practices play a pivotal role in egg production, with farmers needing to ensure their farms are regularly cleaned while their birds have received vaccinations in order to minimize disease spread among birds.

Accessing finance and technology are among the main obstacles farmers must overcome. Unfortunately, many don’t have easy access to credit, making investing in new technologies such as automated egg collection/sorting machines more challenging for smaller-scale farmers to afford. Although these machines can help increase efficiency while decreasing labor costs, their high price point prevents many from investing in them.

Market Trends: Shifting Over Time

Nagpur’s egg market has undergone a substantial transformation over time. Originally, eggs were sold in local markets with prices set based on supply and demand. Since the rise of poultry farming industries, however, egg sales are more organized; large farms now dominate this industry while eggs sold through wholesalers and retailers are the norm.

Emerging Market Players and New Technologies

Newcomers to Nagpur’s egg market include online retailers. Many offer home delivery of eggs for consumers’ convenience, and mobile apps and e-commerce platforms have made it simpler for farmers to sell eggs directly to consumers.

Future Prospects and Growth Opportunities Egg consumption in Nagpur is anticipated to remain strong due to an expanding population, changing diet habits, and consumer preference for healthier and organic food options. To capitalize on these opportunities, farmers need to invest in cutting-edge technologies while adopting best practices that increase efficiency while decreasing costs and egg rate in Nagpur.

Conclusion: Overall Picture of the Market

The egg market in Nagpur is highly competitive, with prices being determined by various factors. Farmers face several obstacles such as rising costs and disease control while new technologies and emerging market players provide new opportunities. Overall, Nagpur’s egg market seems promising; however, to remain competitive and remain profitable within this constantly-evolving industry they must adopt innovative practices in order to remain viable competitors.

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